Alan Bernstein LCSW, PC

I approach the process of transition from a number of modalities. My practice includes people contemplating career shifts as well as career development.


I am a psychotherapist and career development authority in New York City and received my BA from the Univer­sity of Michigan followed by a year in Europe working in the Danish Post Office and hanging out at Jazz clubs in Paris. I then completed the course work for a PhD in English Literature at Rutgers University and was app­ointed its youngest faculty member.

I soon realized that this was not the career I wished to pursue and began the process of "fully conscious decision-making" exemplified in my writing. I went back to school, supported by a National Institute of Mental Health Fellow­ship, and received an MSW from Yeshiva University. That started my career consulting to private agencies and to New York's Metropolitan Hospital while maintaining faculty appointments at New York Medical College (Psych­iatric Residency Training) and the New York University Graduate School (Post-Masters and Doctoral Programs in Psychotherapy). I also began professional exploration of life transitions, accessing creative resources to energize bold moves.

I maintain affiliations with companies I admire. As an outdoor enthusiast I developed a program with Outward Bound, which encourages people to experience their personalities from a fresh perspective and to relate their insights to choosing their life's work. In addition, I partnered with The Princeton Review organization to explore with students how to access their deeper motivations for significant life choices during and after college.

I am a founding member of the Center for Group Studies, an internationally known institution for the training and development of group psychotherapy, as well as a dedi­cated member of the New York City community. I bene­fited from attending its public schools and belong to numerous civic institutions, including the New York Cycle Club and the New York Road Runners Club. I also serve on three not-for-profit Advisory Boards, which touch the lives of many disadvantaged New Yorkers: Creative Alternatives of New York, Publicolor and Camp Interactive.

I believe that the process of transition, though daunting, can be cultivated and become an adventure in itself.